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On this page we consistently recommend using a water filter with your coffee maker, especially if you are not using filtered water. Nobody likes contaminated coffee. This liquid gold has a unique aroma and flavor that is easily spoiled by impurities found in unfiltered water.

Also, your coffeemaker will likely last longer if you consistently use a water filter that removes chemical residue from the water. The residue is known to gradually degrade the water lines in the coffee maker.

Keurig coffee makers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are single or double coffee makers. Most Keurigs can use a replaceable water filter.

Now that we've seen some of the benefits of using a water filter in a Keurig coffee maker, let's look at how to locate the water filter in a Keurig. We also take a look at the different types of Keurig water filter starter kits and uncover secret tricks.which filter kit fits your Keurig.

Where is the water filter on a Keurig coffee maker?

The Keurig water filter is located in the water tank. The Keurig water filter fits into the pocket at the bottom of a vertical plastic handle on the water reservoir. Depending on the Keurig model, the plastic handle is either short or long.

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To access the water filter on a Keurig coffee maker, simply pull up on the plastic bracket, then press down on the two tabs on the bottom while pulling on the handle to remove the bottom cover. The bottom cover should slide on easily, but if it's too tight, press down on the tabs and wiggle them around while pulling the two pieces apart.

Some Keurig models like the Keurig K-Duo Special Edition do not come with a water filter, but you can purchase one separately. So don't be alarmed if you can't find a water filter on your new Keurig coffee maker.

You may want to double-check the packing slip to confirm the accessories that came with the Keurig, especially when shopping online.

What do Keurig water filters do?

A Keurig water filter captures and removes dirt, residual chlorine, odors, and tastes from raw water. This is done in the water tank so that only filtered water flows through the water lines into the K cup or ground coffee for a clean brew.

Without a water filter, your coffee can become moldy and have a chlorine taste. Also, particles from the unfiltered water are likely to get trapped in the water pipes and affect the flow of water.

Chlorine and chemical residues are likely to gradually degrade your Keurig's plastic lines and possibly leak over time.

What is a Keurig Water Filter Starter Kit?

The basic Keurig water filter kit includes a plastic handle or holder and at least one activated carbon filter. The plastic handle has a pocket with a lid at the bottom and a calendar wheel at the top where you can schedule your next appointment to change the carbon filter.

There are two types of Keurig water filter starter kits:

  • The Keurig Rear Tank Water Filter Starter Kit. Has a short-handled plastic holder compatible with Keurig machines that use a rear water tank
  • The Keurig Starter Water Filter Kit with Side Reservoir. It has a long-handled plastic support compatible with Keurig coffee makers that have a side water tank

The difference between the rear and side water filters is obviously the size of the plastic holder. The charcoal filter is one size fits all, so it fits perfectly in both high and low plastic holders.

Important Tips for Buying Keurig Water Filters

To avoid buying a Keurig water filter starter kit that won't fit your brew machine

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  • Identify the location (back or side) of the water tank on your Keurig. If it's a multi-position tank like the K-Duo Plus, think of it as a side water tank
  • Check the height of your water tank. For water tanks less than 8.0 inches in height, a short handle starter kit is used and vice versa

After determining the position of the tank and its height, buy aShort Handle Water Filter Starter Kitif the tank is behind the coffee maker and/or is less than 20 cm high.

HeRear tank water filterbelow is compatible with Keurig K35, K250, K200, K-Duo Essentials, K-Duo Special Edition, and K-Latte.

All Keurig water filter handles have a spare wheel or circular timer on top that you can use to set a reminder for the date to replace the old filter with a new one.

Where is the water filter on a Keurig? (plus secret tricks) | Kahawa planet (1)

If the tank is on the side of the coffee maker and/or is more than 20 cm high, buy a large handle water filter starter kit.

HeKeurig Side Tank Water Filter Starter Kitbelow is compatible with Keurig K-Duo Plus, K-Cafe, K-Select, K-Elite, K-Supreme and K-Classic. Other 2.0 coffee makers that can use this kit are the K350, K400, K425, K450, K475, K500, K525, K550 and K575.

Where is the water filter on a Keurig? (plus secret tricks) | Kahawa planet (2)
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Alternatively, check to see that your Keurig model is listed as compatible with the long or short handle starter kit you are considering purchasing.

However, there are sometimes errors in such listings and some Keurigs, particularly older models, may be listed incorrectly or omitted. Therefore, you should apply the tips listed above as they are more accurate.

Can you buy Keurig water filters without a plastic holder?

Yes, you can buy Keurig charcoal water filter cartridges without a base if you already have a compatible base for your coffee maker. You only need to purchase the complete starter kit if it did not come with your Keurig coffee maker or if you are looking to replace the filter assembly.

Note, however, that some of theKeurig's smallest coffee makersLike the K-mini series, no filter holder will fit due to the small size of the reservoir.

For best results, you should change your Keurig's small charcoal filter every two months or after 60 brew cycles, otherwise you risk problems like off-flavors and mold. See the guideSanitizing a Moldy Coffee Potand how to prevent such problems.

HeK&J Activated Carbon Water Filterbelow they fit both high and low Keurig plastic holders and are reasonably priced for a pack of 12 filters that last about a year

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Final Thoughts on Where to Find the Keurig Water Filter

The charcoal water filter is located at the bottom of the vertical plastic bracket inside the Keurig water tank. To access the filter, you must remove the clear plastic handle of the filter from the water, and then open the lid at the bottom.

There are two types of Keurig water filters;

  • Rear tank water filter compatible with Keurigs with short water tanks or water tanks located at the back of the brewer
  • the side water filter compatible with Keurigs with tall or side water tanks

Regardless of which water filter unit you use (rear tank or side tank), Keurig water filter cartridges fit the bill.

An old water filter that is not replaced regularly will eventually ruin the quality of the coffee a coffee maker makes. So you don't forget when it's time to replace your used filter, set a water filter reminder on the circular dial on the filter handle. The dial is clearly visible when filling the tank with fresh water.

Keurig Water Filter FAQ

Do all Keurigs have a water filter?

No, the Keurig Rivo and most small Keurig brewers like the Keurig K-Mini Plus and K-Mini do not use a water filter. Use filtered tap water or bottled water in these coffee makers for the best cup of coffee.

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