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As a decorator, the question “what is the best white gloss?” it is usual. It used to be an easy choice, but now the choice of gloss paint products is exponential. We are not only talking about more brands (there are many), but there are also different types of gloss paints.

They have the traditional oil-based shine that yellows over time. Water based gloss that stays white forever but usually leaves an inferior finish. Then hybrid gloss, which is a compromise between oil and water.

But let's not get too entangledthe science of colour.All I want to do on this blog is talk about what I consider to be the three best white glow products out there. I can only base it on my personal experience, so I apologize if your favorite is not on the list. However, I am a huge fan of the products, so I tried a large proportion of the bright colors available.

The next generation crown shine

OK, I know I said that oil-based gloss yellows over time, and it does. But Crown Next Generation takes a long time to change color. Accessibleonline, or any crown decorating center.

Unfortunately, Crown Next Generation Gloss does not come in "glossy" white, but it does come in standard white, which is very light and clean. The beauty of using this gloss is the gloss level and overall finish that is second to none. It is easy to remove and does not leave brush marks.


This is the only oil based shine product that I will be using these days. The legislator stipulates which chemicals a manufacturer can use in the production of paint.

As we fight for a more sustainable world, this legislation becomes more stringent. Because of this, the overall performance of oil-based gloss has dropped somewhat, while water-based technology is improving.

With that being said, Crown Next Generation is still one of the top three bright white colors in my opinion.

Easy 8/10 from me.

Teknos Futura Aqua 90

The best gloss white paint available in the UK - Decorators Forum UK (2)

Futura 90 is a product recently developed by Teknos. This is a hybrid paint that retains some of the properties of oil paint despite being primarily water based.

Accessibleonlinein white and many tinted colors. You must use Teknos Futura primer when using Futura 90 to maintain good adhesion. I have used many products over my years as a decorator and can categorically say that this is by far the best gloss paint you will ever find.

The opacity of the glow is poor. But the opacity of the primer makes up for it! You can apply multiple coats of both products in a day and the ease of use is excellent. The best thing about Teknos Futura 90 is that it has an incredibly high gloss level unlike most other water-based or hybrid gloss paints. It is also very durable!

This gloss looks new years after application. You may find it easier to apply the paint with a foam roller and then spread it out with a brush. Keep your brush wet or even wipe your surfaces with a damp cloth before painting to prevent brush marks.

9/10 for me. I can highly recommend it.Full Teknos review here

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Johnstone's Aqua Gloss

This is probably the third best option on the market and one of the original hybrid gloss systems.Available online by clicking hereor any Johnstone Decorating Center in white, bright white, or one of a million or so shades. The brightness level and ease of use are great. Like the general finish.

It feels like Johnstone's Aqua Gloss has a lot more oil in it than the Teknos Futura 90. You can't just wash a brush with clean water like you would with other systems. Instead, you should start with water and then wash with a product called Clean Spirit.

You also notice yellowing. It doesn't fade as quickly as most oil-based gloss products, but you will see the color slowly change after a few years. It's also known as the "brush killer," but there are ways around it. Paint dries and clogs in the brush ferrule and the bristles separate. All you have to do is keep the brush wet. Swirl it around in a bucket of water every half hour or so and you shouldn't have a problem.


It's funny that a few years ago, Johnstone's Aqua was widely regarded as the best glossy white waterborne paint around. However, a comparison with the more modern Teknos Futura 90 only reveals its shortcomings. It's still good, but it's harder to apply, can damage brushes, and turns yellow after a few years.

Still scores 7/10.Johnstone's full Aqua review here.

The best tools for applying glitter.

Modern synthetic brushes are not very suitable for applying oil-based glosses. You also need a specific type of roller. So I thought I'd include a little section on the best brushes and rollers.

The best brush for oil-based shine.

You'll need a natural bristle brush to apply the oil-based gloss, or the paint will clog in about half an hour. Your best bet is the Hamilton Perfection, a school brush for oil but still a favorite among decorators. You can apply glossy paint and remove it effortlessly.Available online here.

The best brush for water-based shine.

Water-based or hybrid gloss products are a bit different. You need a synthetic brush that can hold its shape for a long period of time. Also, there is no point in opting for bristles that are too soft, otherwise you will have problems. I would recommend the Hamilton Prestige synthetic brush which gives you everything you need at a reasonable price.Available online here.

best roles

Oil-based gloss is a sticky product and you shouldn't overwork water-based gloss, so using a mini roller will help you apply both products to larger areas.

You need an oil paint foam roller simply because it will help keep contaminants off your painted surface. Any foam roller will do, but the Rota Superfine Concave is by far the best. Unlike its competitors, you do not have tram lines.Available online by clicking here.

As far as water-based gloss goes, Two Fussy Blokes Smooth is probably your best bet. It holds a lot of paint and distributes it evenly.Available online by clicking here.

What do other decorators think is the best white gloss?

one vote for thatTeknos Aqua 90For me. I don't like oil based glosses because they yellow too quickly. Teknos is the only water-based version I've found that can achieve a similar finish. It's easy to use and always looks good.

ash hay

I am currently using the water based Dulux Quick Dry Gloss and I love it. It gives a great finish but two things are very important when using this color. Firstly you need to use the right base coat which is the one from the Dulux range (love this brown labeled base coat/base coat - expensive but wonderful and has so many different uses).

Second, you should lightly dampen the brush with water from time to time, so it helps to have a bowl or cup with some water in it. It makes the glitter flow so much easier. Just be careful not to do it too often or water too much, as this gloss will run like water anyway.

Water-based gloss is more difficult to wear (doesn't level out like oil-based gloss) but does not yellow over time, which is important to the client. One thing that is important to any decorator is dry time, and water based gloss has a dry time of around 6 hours. This means you can apply a second coat the same day. It doesn't smell like solvent either and finally your brushes are easier to clean.

Some decorators apply two coats of primer and one gloss coat (faster dry time + U/C is easier to work with), personally prefer one U/C coat and two gloss top coats. This is just in case you miss something deep in the corner of the first layer.

By the way, with the popular color (andCommerce Duluxit's safe) has another good side: you can always easily get it at the local store.

Piotr Sulecki


Teknos Futura for me. It's not used by many people yet, but it's the only water-based gloss that has a good gloss level. It can be a bit harsh, but it flies and the finish is good. Fast drying, low VOV, good for the environment and customers love it.

Oil base has had its dayand completely water-based is not enough nutrition. Teknos is a golden mean.

Juan Massam

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I use Crown Next Generation Gloss. It is easy to apply and has great coverage. It also doesn't seem to yellow so it will last a long time.

cristiano ackerley

I recently used the Teknos Futura 90 (water paint) and I liked it. Always print plus 2 caps for any water-based product, but still prefer ease of use and cleanup. It gave a decent shine. But…….

I also recently did everythingstairs and landingbefore Christmas and the client insisted on oil shine. NecessaryCommerce Duluxand it worked well with 1 primer and 1 gloss. It shines like a mirror.

neil bridge

I spray a lot of my work, so my favorite gloss paint is Tikkurila Helmi. It is very easy to work with, totally water based, leaves a beautiful finish and I can apply the second coat before the first one dries. It really is child's play. The only problem with it is that it is not very durable.

I don't think I would use any other. Glamor is out of style anyway. I'm not sure if it's because of the yellowing problems or because people's tastes have changed.

The best white gloss for an exterior is Dulux Trade Weathershield, an oil-based paint that works very well. It costs a lot of money, but it's worth it.


The best gloss is probably Teknos Futura 90, but I don't usually order my paints online. I tend to buy Crown Fastflow from my local CDC or Dulux QD Gloss. Both are hybrids, but they get the job done.

Teknos is a different level in terms of gloss and overall finish. I love it. The primer covers everything, the real shine makes it look pretty. It is a pleasure to use.

lee thomas

Johnstone ultra gloss was brilliant to work with. He self leveled very well and left a very smooth glossy finish. I believe Johnstone recently ceased production of the ultra-bright.

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beca jody


Dulux High Gloss (oil based) is the best white gloss. Goes on smooth and dries to a nice smooth finish. Crown Fast Flow is good for a waterborne, as long as you use your undercoat and a bit of Floetrol. 👍🏻

tom longworth

Dulux Trade Oil Based Gloss

jacob jager

Dulux oil-based gloss with a difference. It covers well, the shine is incredible and it also leaves a smooth and pleasant finish 👌

petirrojo nathan

For a blank water based product I would use Aqua by Johnstone. If you go for an oil-based one, I don't think it matters much with which brand you choose.

Sixar Lewis Thompson

Understanding color should inform your decision. Oil-based Modern Gloss yellows over time in areas deprived of natural light, creates a brushless finish and is durable. Due to yellowing Oil Gloss is not really suitable in dark interior areas and I would definitely recommend looking into a water based alternative if the area does not get natural light.

Water-based alternatives don't yellow, but they are less durable and don't finish as well on a brush. I like to roll these colors if possible or spray concierge.

Dulux High Gloss is a stunning color for areas bright with natural light. Otherwise something likeDulux trade water based satin paintwould be my choice.

michael spring

If it is oil based, it has to be Dulux High Gloss. If it's water-based, it's definitely Johnstone's Aqua.

darren webb

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The best oil-based gloss is Crown Next Generation. Flows and evens out with a glass-like finish and shine.

Phil Bunt

Dulux High Gloss is extremely easy to work with. The best water based gloss is Johnstone Aqua.

william lambie

Dulux offers me oil-based gloss, but Armstead is no slouch.

mikey cooper

Dulux High Gloss (oil) is my favorite white gloss.

Stefan Zietara

Benjamin Moore Advance High Gloss. It's a water-based alkyd gloss, so it won't yellow over time. And unlike most water-based glosses, this one is 85% glossy when fully cured.

Natalie Raiside

We use Dulux Trade Satinwood (oil based). We add a drop of white spirit to each cauldron of paint. It's not a bad team, better than shining. If the client wants water based paint we use Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell and to be honest it's not a bad drop.

lee ricardo

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