The 20 best hip-hop albums from 2022: Choose employees (2023)

The employees of the Billboard employees break out the best rap length of the year.

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The 20 best hip-hop albums from 2022: Choose employees (1)

It was an excessive year for hip-hop in 2022 because we testify to a handful of return from Pglang Commando Kendrick Lamar.After a five-year drought, Lamar woke up at his new start with energetic rapeseed and elite stories,Mr. Moral and the Great Stepper.The reign of Future remained so much after moving the highest week of his career with his ninth studio album.I never liked.We also received a handful of collaboration albums with drake and 21 savages unexpected collisionIts lostThe leadership of the pack, while McS women reinforced the genre with the development of glorilla and latto.

Despite his minute boost, Metro Boomin and his third diagram made 200 poster on the way in the rap disputeHeroes and villainsThis December, just before the bell sounded.With his star to bring us a cinema thriller.King III.IllnessThe triofecta extends the lyrical strip of NAS and increases the condition of the hit boy to the legendary area on the production page.

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The biggest question we expect when 2023 have enough juice to take part in this year's Star campaign.Advertising board20 best hip-hop albums from 2022 below.

  • Quavo & Start, "only built for infinite links"

    If it was not yet clear that the title of Ghost and Raekwon patched references or the Boi from Andre-and-Big on the cover, it could be seen by the amped spit fromBuilt only for infinity linksIntroduction "Two Infinity Links", as the Quavo and Reouth Detward operated as a duo, regardless of their large group and more and more swollenCulturalAlbum series.The couple has not sounded this fun for years, be it sauce around the mustard horns in "See OT IT" to form the western Spaghetti guitars of the main -single Lobby (UNC and PHEW) or to call its predecessors happyAtl once in the "so fresh, so cleanInfinite links "Glee is the tragedy that one of them is no longer available for a potential continuation .-Andrew Unterberger

  • Glorilla, "Anyway, life is great ..."

    Glorilla has presented one of the most memorable rookie campaigns in recent yearsAnyway the life of life ... EP, which was driven by a few hymns in "F.N.F" and Cardi B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Tomorow."The stage is ready for Big Glo to consolidate its star status with a debut in the important seal next year.Michael Saponara

  • Nigo, '¡5 to R and others!''

    The dream of a top lover, the founder of Bape, Nigo, CavĂł in his role - Rocky and Tyler, the creator of a classic to start, dig an unpublished verse of Pop Smoke to make "memory"Bringing excerpts together excellent song of the album "Punch Bowl".The guest list may have pulled its eyes, but the production and the finished project have highlighted this album among their colleagues .-Y Abb

  • Babyface Ray, "Cara"

    Babyface Ray is not an unknown person of the outsider title: With my whole heart, the 31 -year -old rapper in the abyss of the commercial success rose in silence through the rows of the Detroit Street Rap scene, without a clear path to the mainstream.It's justFACEThe offer of 20 tracks published at the top of the year Ray is not just a great Detroit rapper, it is a contender in all areasFACE,Babyface Ray showed the world of rap how universal an album can be that was born in the sound of the Detroit Street .-Nina Rouhani

  • Lacto, '777'

    Latto met the fat price777"Big Energy", the timest female rap song in the history of Billboard Hot 100 Wayne, Lil Durk and Kodak Black was instead of staying.Big Latto Ascension should not be continued until 2023, since he is currently the favorite of bets to win the best new artist at the 2023 Grammy Awards .-Em.

  • Duke Deuce, "Crunkstar"

    Ducke Deice can be known by a single one with the title "Crunk ain't't Dead", but Memphis' rapper does not revive the past: instead ofCrunkstarIt represents a fresh and urgent celebration of a hip-hop style that left the mainstream a long time ago, but still has tons of energy that is laid around its core "with Mesp-hop Honor Glorilla past and present and theRiver of the Courage of Deice, which are prepared for an exciting future .-Jason Lipshutz

  • Hope Earl, "Blatt!"

    "The magic of truth is much more powerful than the magic of faith", an entire motherly voice in "Vision", an early highlight in Earls sweatshirt.SICK!It is an ethos that has reported a large part of the Underground rapper career and made these efforts of 10 traces, a thin one.From regular employees of the alchemist and the Black Noi.Beautiful Zulema guitar loopIn the case of lost connections, swordseder and remain ready for what comes later: "Life can open in mind/ I'm the time" .- ".--A.U.

  • Brockhampton, 'tm'

    BrockhamptonTmIt marks the end of an era for the Texas Hip-Hop Collective, which is recording 11 songs and the previously announced final album,The familyin November.While this album acts as a Tell-Lall on the ascent and fall of the band of the Kevin abstract group, about the promotion of the band,TmWhat "the mountain" means is the last hurdus of the boys.Likes such as "Animal" and "Listerine" underline their ability to correspond to distorted voices and rhythmic melodies with alternative hip-hop rhythms, while "FMG" and "new" new "new" hip-hop rhythms "and" New"And" New "and" New Shoes "she sees her more traditional rap brilliance.TmIt has something for everyone, a real reflection of the individual characters, which was intended for Brockhampton .--Cydney Lee

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  • Joey Bada $$, "2000"

    Although Joey Bada $$ has mainly changed his attention to acting in recent years, his lyrical blade remains more acute than ever.After a five -year clammy, Brookly quickly scales his enemies to a punishable disappearance in his last start,2000The sequel to yours1999DebĂĽtmixtape work2000Find Joey back to the rap dispute with the idols of New York Diddy and NAS who tell his return career.Joey appreciates her capital of the fallen comrades Steez and Junior B in "Guilt of Survivor", while he was winning his victories in the "one of the US party with Larry JuneCarl Lamarre

  • Drake and 21 Savage, "his loss"

    After working together in four goals: "Sneakin", "Mr. This Moment", "Messer Talk" and "Jimmy Cooks", it was of course that Drake and 21 Savage expand their association certified by Platinum in a study album in number 1.In number 1. on Billboard 200 in November, in November,Its lostIn addition, he plays the opposite relationship for the opposites of the couple: Drakes calculated approach rubs his elbows with 21 street instincts Savage, while the first one of its rap roots after half a annual distraction claims duo that includes thisModaMagazine and other sales pointsIts lostWe were with rhymes of the boastful ("in BS"), bend ("in the middle of the ocean", with a sniper of the husband of Serena Williams) and an excavation in Kanye West ("Circo Crazy") .- .-- .-.- .- .-G.M..

  • Metro Boomin "," heroes and villains "

    InHeroes and villainsThe boom metro boom from St. Louis is a curator for masters who summarizes the right ingredients so that every strong artist fulfills his maximum potential: the unmistakable melodies of Don Toliver that jumps on the production that the rhythm of the "tooMany "nights upright", the river of the young racket, more relaxed than usual in the foggy "trance" with Travis Scott and a $ ap rocky from its best side, perfectly balanced by the loved start of the rapper, who died in "Feel the fiyaaaah". The offer, the notes in the history of R&B with "Creepin", the interpretation of the Weeknd of "Ich Don's Don's Wan Know" by Mario Winans and creates a large place for the frequent collaborateur 21 Savage, especially inYoung Nudy Nudy-supported "umbrella" .-N.R.

  • Future, "I never like you"

    In his tenth albumI never likedThe poisonous king of Rap Glo, to easily satisfy the material wishes of a woman so that she can sexually satisfy her, sizzle 808 of ATL Jacob and the high strip and use chopped R&B final victim.The project further strengthened the reign of the future list by becoming his eighth Billboard 200 No. 1 as the main artist.Mamo surprised

  • Jid, "The story forever"

    Once trumpeted as a Dreamvilles secret weapon, JID officially completed his last publication in the Rap All-Star.The story foreverThe Early Word Creator makes a huge leap, which together is an ambitious exertion in honesty, vulnerability and dream Corona, is the blues jam "Kody Blu 31", which describes the fights among their loved ones.C. Lamarre

  • NAS, "King III disease"

    For the third iteration ofRoyal disease, NAS is in its best way.In the stroke of an LED childLonely, NAS are revived and leans into its strengths and undeniable chemistry with the renowned producer of the west coast.The project broadcasts the bold grain of the New York style of the 90s, the increase in the soundtracks of NAS, while the most thoughtful climb sounded cuts like "Once a man, a child twice" the edges.With legends like NAS, there should never be any doubts about their permanent size, but there are ever there.LonelyPut the critics in your place.- n.r.

  • Conway the machine, "God doesn't make mistakes"

    At this point, Griselda is in almost false mode and has been led by the street from the platform that Benny The Metzger has delivered in recent years.Some of the most difficult albums published this year ("Lock Load", "Tear Gas", "John Woo Flick") with the most introspective rhymes of Suscarrera, which tells the history of Conway's book in an honest and raw wayOne of the great gifts from 2022 .---DR.

  • Vince Staples, "Ramona Park broke my heart"

    During his fifth retrospective study albums, Vince Staples fights with all the nostalgia that have defined his training in the neighborhood of Long Beach, California and Backup production, that's calm.The contrast is the landing and in an execution time that coincides almost with the duration of the last two albums (the homonymous efforts of 2021 and that from 2019¡Fm!) In combination, he has space to successfully experiment with some of his friendliest songs on the radio: The single that was assisted by mustard "Magic" led to the first Staples Race entry inAdvertising boardMainstream R&B/Hip-Hop AirPlay, Rap Airplay und Sport Orte of Credrovals.--Josh Glicksman

  • Larry June, "Spaceships on the blade"

    San Francisco's rapper begins a fertile and melodic journey on his last albumSpacehips in the blade.The sentence of 20 tracks is reproduced as a relaxed soundtrack for a night joyride (in the Lamborghini Huracán Evo de June, no less), while he is ", whip the '80 R & 80 B in the "for tonight" Syd and the 90s in "Do not review me".Even if he leads his listeners through the picturesque path of his life, he reflects the previous potholes on the way to "organic adjustments" ("She can hear it in my music/ wine from the background") and the southern final in "Everything "(" Now we send real estate, hand it over to the seeds ") .-HM.

  • Gunna, "DS4ever"

    Gunnas Musik is a long time to build moods that they cover instead of dense stories, and after 2020 vibrated flawlessWunnawas his first album No. 1 of Billboard 200 No. 1DS4everHe grew up his translucent sound poems in a commercial cash success, led by the happy alliteration of "Pushin P."DS4everIt is both a Force and a Capullo tour that invite endless explorations of their textures and consolidate Gunna as a deserved superstar.His legal problems ended his year in a sad note, but the effects of this album remains flawlessJ L.

  • Pusha t, "It's almost dry"

    Dr.Suess de Cocaine has always thrived in elite production and split its fourth album from two of the best in Pharrell and Kanye West.But this not only makes it one of the best albums of the rap of the year: the Pusha T is simply one of the most creative rappers in the game at that time, 20 years since his debut with the clip.Outdoors "), play with his river (" Scrape it ") or the unforgettable guests from the upper level of hip-hop (Jay-Z, Lil Uzivert, his brother bosity), push knows how to create an album adventurer, who is still firm, lives in his comfort zone and serves another classic in a dish. Are you angry with us? Who wouldn't be?-DR.

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  • Kendrick Lamar, 'Sr.Moral und The Great Steppers'

    In the five years since the last album in Lamar, 2017RapidCompton Rapper, California produced theBlack PantherThe soundtrack won the Pulitzer Music Award, became a father of two children, started the PGLang film/editorial studies/editorial studio and announced that this would be his latest DAWG Entertainment project.The fifth studio album of Lamar, which he finds by passing on to think about thinking about thinking, encompassing topics, paternity, materialism, love, his career and generation/social problems in the context of COVID-19.Highlights of the 18 -Track set are "Purple Hearts" with Summer Walker and Ghostface Killah, "N95", "Tay Diaries" and "We Cry Together" with Taylor Paige.A shocking album for times for times shocking,Mr. Moral and the Great StepperHe is a current Grammy candidate for the album of the year and the best rap album.G.M.

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