Keurig - K-Elite K-Cup Pod Coffee Single-Serve K-Cup Pod - Brushed Slate (2023)

We are on site Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.!

Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m!

You can bid throughout the week, but watch your productsIsDelivery by Saturday!!

Sundaywill be the day we collect all uncollected items!!!!!

If youFAILIf you choose to collect your items within this period, we will consider those items abandoned. Property then reverts to the party with the primary interest and can be sold or disposed of at their discretion!NO EXCEPTIONS!All monies paid will be forfeited in order to satisfy the terms of sale.NO FEES and NO REFUNDS!

Have you ever wondered if this article works? Does it activate and work?Don't worry, we now offer a 48 hour guarantee on all items marked "Factory Sealed" and "APEANS NEW!!!".

Due to the sheer quantity we sell we attempt to visually inspect items for obvious damage but are unable to plug everything in and verify functionality.

The products we sell are online returns, overstock, overstock, in store returns, refused deliveries, bulk sales and sometimes things look good but then they aren't. . . For this reason

We offer the 48 hour guarantee on all items in this listing that are marked as "Factory Sealed" and "Exepeans New".

What is the 48 hour guarantee?

• We only guarantee the functionality. NO cosmetic condition, color, size, completeness/equipment etc.

• The buyer must contact us within 48 hours of receipt to file a claim. (after 48 hours no refund)

• After filing the complaint, the product must be returned to the seller within 5 working days.

• After 5 working days the guarantee is void and no refund will be given.

Bid with confidence - your product is guaranteed to work!

NOTE: This is NOT a site-wide policy. Other partners may adopt the same policies as us.

Read the auction description and view ALL the photos!We will use stock photos for illustration ONLY!

Make sure you have enough tools and help to load your items!

We are not responsible for ERRORS or WRONG BIDDS!Once you place a bid, it is a binding contract. If you win, this article is yours!

We offer viewing days for each of our auctions!

-All credit cards will be processed after the auction ends! If you are tax-exempt or would like to pay with cash, please notify Chris at (660-909-1151). If your card is DECLINED and your items have not been paid for by the end of the initial top-up, you will not be able to bid on further auctions.

Offene Box:"Open Box" represents various states, such as E.g. unfinished, used, new but not checked for condition, untested, possibly fully working or DOA which we have not tested. Use the viewing time to preview and test before placing a bid. NO refunds will be given for OPEN BOX items. We strongly encourage you to preview open Box items during preview hours. Call if you have any questions.

Garbage:These items have known damage. We will do our best to describe/illustrate the damage. We do not test for functionality. These may be items that have never been used, such as a grill whose lid was damaged in transit but has never been assembled or used. It may be scratched and dented, or completely broken. We encourage you to view the damaged items during our inspection hours. Call if you have any questions. Damaged items cannot be returned and can be sold as is.

Any unmarked items will be considered "open box or damaged".

The store phone number is 660-909-2181 if you have any questions.

For important questions outside of business hours, please call Chris's Cell at 660-909-1151

Handling fee:To compensate for the increased shipping and handling costs, all lot items won at the end of the auction will automatically be charged a handling fee of US$1.00


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

09:00 - 11:00

Checks are carried out by appointment within the above schedule.

Sign in to book an appointment.

Auction end:

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

5:45 p.m


Wed 31. May 2023

09:00 - 13:00

Removals are made by appointment within the above schedule.

Bid increases:

range of offers minimum increment
0,01 $-75,00 $1,00 $
75,01 $-250,00 $2,50 $
250,01 $-500,00 $5,00 $
500,01 $-750,00 $10,00 $
750,01 $-1.000,00 $25,00 $
1.000,01 $-5.000,00 $50,00 $
5.000,01 $-10.000,00 $100,00 $
10.000,01 $-25.000,00 $250,00 $
25.000,01 $-50.000,00 $500,00 $
50.000,01 $-2.500.000,00 $1.000,00 $

Premium Buyer
18,00 %

Handling fee:To compensate for the increased shipping and handling costs, a handling fee of USD 1.00 will be automatically added to all lottery items won at the end of the auction!

This is an online auction and all legal rights and remedies of the state in which the auction is held apply. Please do not bid if you do not agree to the terms of this contract or cannot pay for and receive your items within the stated terms of each auction. All terms and conditions of the website you have agreed to by creating an account with Equip-Bid Auctions apply to this auction. View these terms by copying and pasting this link into your browser:

The special auction conditions for this partner are as follows.

Inspection:This auctiontutOffer scheduled inspection appointments.Call the partner at660-909-1151 to schedule an inspection upon request.

Payment:The standard credit card that you have registered in your account will be charged immediately after the end of the auction. If your payment is declined for any reason, you will not be able to collect your products without payment.Regardless of the pickup location, all payment arrangements must be made within one (1) business day (Mon-Fri) of the auction ending. If payment arrangements have not been made by this time, you authorize your card to be charged the total amount of your bill plus a $25.00 late fee. Late payment interest is not removed from an invoice once it has been added.

payment on siteIsaccepted at this pointin the form of cash, certified check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.Invoices over $2,000 cannot be paid with the credit card you have on file. You must pay by cash, wire transfer or bank check. Exact change is required for cash payments. If you, as the winning bidder (buyer), do not provide sufficient funds or are unable to collect your items within the scheduled collection times, you may incur charges. Multiple failures to pay or recover your items will result in permanent ban from Equip-Bid website. Any bidder caught opening a new account will be charged an additional $50 due to the above warnings. This is considered a fraudulent offer and will not be tolerated.

Gather:If you are unable to collect your items at the designated collection times, please do not bid. If you bid on an Equip-Bid auction, you are required by law to collect a fee for any items you win and agree to remove them from the auction site. To collect your winnings you must make an appointment on your billing page.

If you do not receive your winnings within the above time limit,You will lose the items.Irrespective of any agreed storage of your items, all invoices must be paid by the end of the regular removal. You are still responsible for paying for your items and being charged to your default credit card on file, regardless of whether you have not received the items.

Movement:Once the bidder has paid for and received their items, the items become the property of the winning bidder (buyer). From that point on, the buyer bears the entire risk of loss of and damage to the property, including the premises of the sale.

Refunds:If you receive an item that is damaged, not working or missing parts and it is not listed as such in the description, you are entitled to a refund.Otherwise no refund will be made as no express or implied warranty is given.Please note that refunds are processed immediately upon receipt, however they may take 4-12 business days to be processed and posted to your account.

Tax Free Purchases:Tax Exemption Forms must be provided to each Independent Affiliate - Tax Exemption Statements will not be stored in your Equip Bid account. If this is your first duty free purchase atSale Extreme offers,contact us at660-909-1151.After providing tax exemption forms to this partner, please contact us to deduct the tax from each invoice. We will then adjust your invoice before processing your payment.

Responsibility:Sale Extreme offersits liability is limited to reimbursement of the bidder's purchase price.

Restrictions:The above conditions may only be changed in writing by Equip-Bid.

4545, Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard
Avenue Emanuel Cleaver II
Kansas City


Shipping is not available for this auction. You can contact someone local to collect the product and ship it for you. Currently, however, collection is only possible during the planned loading times. If you have any questions, please contact the seller at the phone number listed in the auction.

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