How do you descale Keurig Supreme? (A simple step-by-step guide) (2023)

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Has a little blue descaling light started flashing on your Keurig Supreme Single Serve Coffee Maker?

The time has come: you need to descale your coffee machine. But you have no idea what to do.

Don't worry my friend!

Stick with me and I will walk you through step by step how to descale the Keurig Supreme. I do this regularly with my coffee maker, so I have some helpful tips for you too.

Well, let's not waste any more time and get to work!


Why is regularly descaling your Keurig so important?

Descaling your Keurig coffee maker is a tedious task (at least for me), but it needs to be done every now and then. To be exact,every 3 months.

(Video) HOW TO CLEAN / DESCALE KEURIG K SUPREME WITH VINEGAR Start Auto Cleaning Cycle on Machine

Keeping your coffee maker nice and clean is a must if you don't want toshorten its lifespan. If you take good care of it, it will provide you with delicious cups of beer for years to come.

You might be wondering: What kind of dirt can get into the closed water system?

Here's the thing: water contains several minerals like calcium. The more minerals in the water, the "harder" it will be. These minerals slowly build up in your coffee maker andchalk the picture.

Limestone deposits are a stubborn enemy.

Here's why:

Can of limeseriously damage your keurig brewery. These nasty buildups can cause problems, clog your machine and disrupt its functioning. It may even permanently damage some of the parts.

Also, some particles from that lemon will inevitably end up in your glass. Lime is not toxic to humans. But in combination with high temperatures and humidity, it is aCoffee incubator for the development of fungi and bacteria. Disgusting!

Now that you know the details, it's time to stop hesitating and clean your Keurig Supreme!

How do you descale the Keurig Supreme Coffee Maker?

Descaling Keurig is not a difficult task. You just have to follow my instructions. The steps are the same for everyoneSupreme K Models.

I strongly recommend that you use the Keurig descaling solution. Some other descaling solutions or white vinegar can be too harsh on the inside of the Keurig. Therefore, it is better to play it safe and use the original product. Plus, it doesn't have a strong, unpleasant smell, so your house won't smell like vinegar for a week.


Well, when you're ready, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your Keurig brewer for the process.Empty and clean the water tank. If you have an activated carbon filter, be sure to remove it or it will be damaged. Also make sure you have removed the used K-Cup from the last drink.
  2. descaling solution.Follow the directions on the bottle. In short: pour the descaling solution into the water tank. The solution must be diluted with fresh water. The ratio should be 1:1 so you can use an empty solution bottle and measure out exactly the same amount of water.
  3. Start the descaling process.Place a large mug (at least 12 ounces) under the coffee spout. Your machine must be connected but turned off. press and hold8oz and 12oz cup size buds. Hold them for 3 seconds. Then the “Descale” indicator lights up. Then the "Brew" button will start flashing. This is your sign. Press it and the descaling cycle will start.
  4. descaling cycle.Keurig Supreme runs hot, descaling fluid, 12oz at a time. Keep an eye on the glass because you have to empty it. You will repeat this action until the tank is completely empty. In the end is theThe Add Water indicator will start flashing.
  5. Washing machine.Remove the water container and pour fresh water to the top. When you put it back, the "Brew" button will start flashing. Press it and the rinsing process will start. Just like the descaling cycle, you need to empty the cup every 12 oz, so be careful. Repeat this until all the lights on the coffee maker go out.

The descaling process is complete and your Keurig is ready to be used again. Make a cup of coffee now, you deserve it!

How do you care for your Keurig and keep it in good condition?

Descaling isn't the only thing you should do for your Keurig. As with living organisms, all parts of the "body" must be healthy in order to function properly. As a result, other parts of the Keurig need attention and care as well.

Quick reminder:Every time you move, disassemble or clean your coffee maker,Make sure you are not connected.. You can never be too careful when working with electronics!

  • AActivated carbon water filterIt is a great helper as it purifies water. So make sure you replace it every now and then. How often you should do this depends on your water, but once every 2 months is ideal.
  • To usefiltered waterit can also be a smart move and noticeably slow down calcification.
  • Oexit needleit is also a sensitive part. It pierces the K-Cup and pumps water into the capsule through the small hole. This small hole can easily become clogged with ground coffee particles and minerals from the water. As you can probably guess, this can cause a serious problem. So check the exit stylus from time to time and remove it with a paperclip or needle if necessary.
  • don't forget thosedetachable parts, such as the water reservoir. You can wash them with warm water and detergent. Rinse them well and dry them with a dry cloth.

That may sound like a lot of responsibility, but it's not. You don't do most of these things very often. And how does that compare to years of well-brewed coffee?

Common questions

Do you still have unanswered questions? Keep reading! Let's talk about some of the most common issues people ask about.

How do I turn off the descaling indicator on my Keurig K Supreme Plus?

If so, your Keurig device needs to be reset. Open and close the K-Cup lid, remove the water reservoir, turn it off and unplug it. Leave it like that for an hour or two. Plug it in and turn it on. After that it should work normally.

(Video) how to descale a Keurig K Supreme Plus

Why does the descaling indicator stay on after descaling?

This seems to be a common problem with K-Supreme models. The descaling process is complete, but the electronic software does not understand it. So give it a little reset and you should be fine. Also check other parts such asthe needle or outlet tubes,for any inconvenience.

How long does it take to descale a Keurig?

The entire descaling process takes about 45 minutes. And you must pay attention and participate in this process. I know that sounds like a lot, but considering you only have to do this once every 3 months, it's not that bad.

Wrap up

And there it is:

Descaling your Keurig Supreme coffeemaker is a must if you want it to run without hiccups. Limescale deposits can seriously damage your machine, so completely descaling it every 3 months is a smart move.

If you care for your baby properly, he will brew your perfect cup of coffee for years to come.

Have you noticed water leaking from your Keurig?Don't worry, we've got it.simple solutions on how to fix your favorite coffee maker.

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