Best Wood Color 2022: Perfect Wood Color for Furniture, Flooring, Doors, and More (2023)

Whether it's time to touch up the home's woodwork, refinish the furniture, decorate the doors and breathe new life into the baseboards, you'll need to equip yourself with the perfect paint for each task. As with all areas of paint, there are countless options, not just in color but also in finish, style, and comfort.

Should you go for a semi-matte, glossy or satin finish? Do you want to keep your color scheme simple and maintain the timeless sophistication of white, or do you want to shake things up with bold pops of color? Are you a decorating diva for whom primer equals perfection and one coat is never enough, or are you looking for a less laborious life when it comes to brushing?

We can't guide your individual taste or unique approach to handling wood inside and out (let's not forget wooden garden lamps), but we can at least point you in the right direction when it comes to where to start and what to do. do what needs to be taken into account...

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Best Paint for Wood: Overview

How to choose the best wood stain

It's not rocket science: painting wood has very similar rules to painting walls, just with a different type of paint.

The first thing you have to do is choose the paint. As mentioned, personal taste dictates color and finish, but as a minor guide for the latter:

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egg shell paintingLeaves a subtle, smooth, very low-gloss finish on wood and protects against daily wear and tear in high-risk areas like baseboards.

bright paintit is a highly durable option that gives a high gloss finish to doors, window frames and baseboards.

satin paintIt is an increasingly popular choice over gloss due to its shinier finish and the fact that it tends to stay shiny longer than gloss.

Those are your three options to revitalize wood, although sometimes matte can come into play, for those looking for an aged look in their furniture... but back to individual taste.

Can I start painting?

As always, preparation is key, so gather your sheeting or newspaper to cover surfaces you don't want to splash, grab some gloves and safety glasses, and make sure the area is well ventilated.

Now take a good look at your surface: is it necessary to pickle it? Do you need to sand? Is it clean? In most cases, you will want to make the surface as smooth and clean as possible so that your chosen paint will adhere well and dry evenly. So remove any old paint stains, dirt, grease, or anything else that might affect the paint application, otherwise it's highly unlikely that you'll be very happy with the finished job.

Unless the paint in question contains primers in the mix or undercoats (like some shown here), you'll want to apply a wood primer to help the paint adhere, to create durability for the paint, and to protect the wood. same.

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Any other advice?

Follow the manufacturer's recommended drying times; otherwise you may find things stuck where they shouldn't. And specifically, freshly painted doors and windows should not be closed until the paint has fully set.

Finally, invest in some decent brushes so you don't end up with stray bristles stuck in the baseboards.

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The best wood stain to buy in 2022

1. Dulux Quick Dry – Brilliant White: The best wood stain for classic perfection

Precio:£ 11 |Buy now on Amazon

When it comes to reviving your wood, you can never go wrong with a little brilliant white, especially when the brilliant white in question is Dulux's quick-drying eggshell. Not only is it quick-drying as the name suggests, but it also self-coats, saving you all the effort of an extra coat.

The paint goes on with absolute ease and little bothersome drips or runs, and the tackiness means it covers well and evenly. That being said, while Dulux says one coat can do the trick, we think two is the golden number for a truly exceptional finish, remembering to allow six hours of dry time between coats.

While Dulux offers a variety of colors in its Quick Dry range, Brilliant White is truly the timeless, neutral, classic choice for doors, sills, skirtings, etc. it is simple!

Main details - Finish:satin, glitter, eggshell;Size:750 ml;Drying time:6 hours;Ceiling:12m²;Coats Required:1-2;Available colours:1

2. Rustins Quick Dry Small Job – Best wood stain for the small stuff

Precio:£ 6 |Buy now on Amazon

Leaving no doubt as to what this particular paint is for, Rustins says it plainly on the tin: Small Job. Yes, we're looking at doors, window frames, and other areas that need a modest paint job. A robust number that comes in a variety of vibrant colors, Small Job can be used indoors and out, though it's questionable whether anyone would want bright, poppy-colored doors inside their home.

Of course, if you are painting doors or windows, it is vital not to close them until they are completely dry. If you don't, you may have trouble opening them again without the help of a crowbar, so paint on a day when you don't need to leave the house.

Dries to the touch in 30 minutes and dries fully in two hours, one coat can be enough as long as you've prepared your surfaces correctly, but two coats will give you a stunning finish that will last for years without fading.

Main details -Finish:gloss, satin;Size:250 ml;Drying time:2 hours;Ceiling:3,25m²;Coats Required:1-2;Available colours:10

Best Wood Color 2022: Perfect Wood Color for Furniture, Flooring, Doors, and More (5)

Rustins GPCHW250 250 ml QD Small Job Tinta - Chocolate

£ 5,59 (£ 5.590,00 / l) Buy now Best Wood Color 2022: Perfect Wood Color for Furniture, Flooring, Doors, and More (6)

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3. Cuprinol Garden Shades Exterior Woodcare – The best wood paint for the exterior of the house

Precio:£ 19 |Buy now on Amazon

Stepping out into the spring/summer sun, you would be remiss with any wood paint job not to address the outdoor furniture and features we depend on in the garden. Benches, fences, planters, sheds, tables and chairs can all be used to show some love after a harsh winter. That's where Cuprinol Garden Shades comes in.

Designed to protect all garden wood (but not decks, take note!), this range of 13 durable, natural-looking, weather-resistant paints feature an opaque matte finish that allows you to see the grain of the wood. . Freshen up your fence panels with a brush or, for larger outdoor businesses, with a sprayer for added convenience (though you'll be sacrificing coverage for that convenience).

A water-based paint, Cuprinol Garden Shades is a finishing job of two to three coats to even out coverage and allow the color to really shine;

Main details -Finish:Buddy;Size:2.5 liters;Drying time:1 hour;Ceiling: Brush:10-12m²,Spray:4-5m²;Coats Required:2-3;Available colours:13

4. Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint – Best wood paint for shabby chic

Precio:£14 |Buy now on Amazon

Best Wood Color 2022: Perfect Wood Color for Furniture, Flooring, Doors, and More (9)

It's understandable that not everyone wants an ultra-modern, minimalist-looking home; For some, the shine of a gloss or the shine of a low gloss is too much to handle. Then, for those who prefer a more homey, rustic approach to their interior, there's Rust-Oleum Shabby Chic Chalky Finish Furniture Stain.

Available in a variety of colors ranging from muted Clotted Cream to downright Lairy Pumpkin, this water-based paint can freshen up any wood furniture without the need to pre-prime or sand surfaces.

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Water based, almost odorless, it is strictly for indoor use and provides very good coverage in one coat. However, for maximum shabby chic, apply a second coat of another color and once dry sand – aged 101.

Touch-dry in one hour and fully hardened in four, Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish is a great way to refresh and revitalize shabby furniture.

Main details – Finish:matte chalk;Size:750 ml;Drying time:4 hours;Ceiling:14m²;Coats Required:1-2;Available colours:sixteen

5. Rust-Oleum Universal Paint – Best Paint for Primed Wood

Precio:£20 |Shop now at The Range

In addition to products like Rust-Oleum's Dulux Quick Dry and Chalky Finish, most wood stains, unless otherwise stated, will require a primer. It's extra work and extra time spent waiting for the primer to dry. So don't worry, buy a can of Rust-Oleum's Universal as it's paint and primer in one.

Designed for direct application by brush or roller, as long as there's primer in the mix, to block stains, we still recommend applying a primer first, just to make sure the shine doesn't mar your hard work.

Applied evenly, two coats should be enough to achieve a stunning looking finish. However, even though it's dry to the touch in two hours and can be handled after eight, you'll need to wait 16 hours before applying the second coat, and more importantly, being solvent-based, you'll need the maximum ventilation.

Key Specs - Finish:Buddy;Size:750 ml;Drying time:2 hours;Ceiling:6,75m²;Coats Required:1-2;Available colours:15

Shop now at The Range

6. Wilko Quick Dry Floor Paint – Best paint for hardwood floors

Precio:£10 |Shop now at Wilko

If you're looking for a way to breathe new life into a hardwood floor, and ideally without using an orbital sander, then Wilko's Quick Dry Floor Paint could be the right choice. Give the floorboards a good clean and give it a few coats, and the results will make them smarter.

It's relatively easy to pay £10 for 750ml, and this gives you 6m² of coverage, which is roughly the equivalent of two coats on a 1.5m x 2m area. The result is a strong and attractive granite gray finish (also available in black) that can resist the stains, scratches and scuffs of everyday life.

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The paint should be dry enough to repaint in 6-8 hours, but despite the quick-dry mark, each coat doesn't fully cure for three to five days (depending on conditions). question for that period of time.

main details- Finish:Buddy;Size:750 ml;Drying time:6-8 hours;Ceiling:6sqm;Coats Required:1-2;Available colours:2

Shop now at Wilko


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