Audi 1.4 TFSI engine - maintenance and common problems (2023)

Both Audi and Volkswagen have used the TFSI engine in so many car models that it's safe to say that all car enthusiasts are familiar with it.

Over the years, it has been widely praised by the trade press for its overall efficiency: it manages to deliver vigorous performance and low fuel consumption at the same time. However, that's very little to say about it.

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What does TFSI mean?

Turbocharged stratified fuel injection. In other words, the TFSI represents a range of high-tech, low-displacement gasoline engines, as is mandatory these days: Audi is the industry leader along with BMW and Mercedes Benz.

It is worth mentioning that they stand out for using an injection system with two modes: one favors fuel economy, which means greater mileage, and the other seeks to increase performance, which means greater mileage and more vigorous acceleration.

As these engines have been around for some time, the acronym has become popular. However, it is always possible to have doubts about its meaning. Let's dive into it.

What is the difference between FSI and TFSI?

The difference in initials anticipates the answer: engines with the TFSI badge have turbochargers. FSI engines have the same fuel injection technology but use natural aspiration.

What is better TSI or TFSI?

Here, the letter “F” represents the presence of stratified fuel injection. By offering two working modes and being able to switch between them on demand, TFSI engines can maximize fuel efficiency and performance whenever needed.

Is TDI or TFSI better?

In this case, the letter "D" means that TDI engines use diesel. When both families were first released, they were considered to be of the same general efficiency standard; basically the TFSI has more power and the TDI has more torque.

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Today, growing concern about environmental impacts has made people lose interest in the TDI engine. And it's only a matter of time before the gasoline engine loses market share to electric motors as well.

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Is the Audi TFSI engine any good?

The VW group as a whole, to which the German brand Audi belongs, is known for its reliability. In general, owners reported only common problems; nothing that can't be fixed by carrying out timely maintenance.

The fact that the TFSI family has reduced engine, turbo, and in some cases cylinder deactivation can scare would-be owners into the costs of maintaining these engines over the years.

Fortunately, if you don't neglect engine maintenance, you'll only have to worry about finding a good way to enjoy your Audi model, as they are often among the best cars you can find in their market segments.

What is the Audi TFSIe engine?

Read that name again if you need to; That little letter "e" has a powerful meaning. In other words, it's not just another turbocharged petrol unit: it represents a plug-in hybrid vehicle from Audi.

In times of increasing electrification this is important because it means you are getting the normal turbocharged fuel stratified injection engine as you know it now paired with an electric motor.

One of its most relevant advantages is the greater fuel efficiency: by having an auxiliary electric unit, the demand of the gasoline unit is reduced.

Also, if they have a fully charged battery, these cars can even travel a limited distance without using the classic engine.

Is Audi A3 1.4 TFSI reliable?

As the A3 is a petrol car normally equipped with Audi TFSI petrol engines, it is of course interesting to talk about everyday life with it, especially when it comes to maintenance.

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Our specialists have a lot of additional information about maintaining your Audi A3. To readour Audi A3 service guideit's himimportant services checklistfor more info.

In general, Audi models have a strong reputation for reliability and fuel efficiency, even considering more recently released electric cars. However, the TFSI engine has some issues that we can mention.

Importance of changing engine oil for Audi A3

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Audi A3 service guide

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service guides

What are the problems of the Audi A3 1.4 TFSI?

By listing common maintenance issues, our aim is to help you make an easier comparison with any other TFSI model you may be considering and get a better idea of ​​which new or used Audi car is best for you.

excessive oil consumption


Your Audi A3 is consuming oil much faster than expected, which means you have to replace it much more often. In general, you should always keep everything in your car's oil system in top condition if you want to reduce operating costs.

possible solutions

Although trivial, you should never overlook the possibility of an oil tank leak; they are usually caused by impact damage.

Leak analysis in the piping system is a good second step to take. While impacts are less likely, they could be worn out or just worn out from regular use. This is another possible cause of increased oil consumption.

Last but not least, the piston rings in each cylinder could be faulty. More commonly, they wear out after years of use, but it's also possible that the ones in action are not right for that engine. Simply replacing them should resolve the issue.

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Noise at the front


When driving the car, you can hear a characteristic high-pitched jingle from the inside of the front end.

Whether gasoline or diesel engines, vibration is a natural part of all internal combustion units. However, intense and/or specific ones are cause for concern.

possible solutions

The timing chain must have stretched, which is particularly common on older cars. Although this problem may even affect the vehicle's power in practice, it can be solved by simply replacing the chain.

black smoke from the exhaust


When you drive your Audi or VW car, you notice a lot of black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. This problem is usually accompanied by a decrease in available power and an increase in oil consumption.

possible solutions

While there are many issues that can cause black smoke, it is common for the Audi TFSI engine to have a problem with the turbo housing, where the turbine is located. If this is indeed the case, you will have to replace this box.

It is interesting to note that although the TFSI and TDI engine lines use turbochargers, diesel units are generally not affected by this issue.

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Turbo failure in gasoline engine


Again, this problem is more likely to occur on TFSI engines. Typical signs are black smoke coming from the exhaust, a hissing noise coming from the top of the engine, and a noticeable drop in power. They all indicate a turbo problem.

possible solutions

Whether your car's turbo needs a simple repair or a complete replacement, this procedure is often expensive for even the best cars. Fortunately, the factory warranty can completely cover it.

Is the TFSI a good engine?

The car review on the above topic shows that while electric cars fall short of overall status, the Audi TFSI is indeed as reliable as it is efficient.

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All types of engines begin to wear out as soon as the car leaves the dealership, of course, even if they are maintained in a timely manner. Fortunately, most of the engine problems mentioned above can be fixed by replacing the proper parts.

How to preserve Audi TFSI gasoline engines?

It may sound repetitive, but performing routine checks and replacements goes a long way for your Audi. The best cars are built to last for years with nothing more to it.

One of those tasks that is often overlooked is a simple oil change. This fluid is responsible for the proper functioning of virtually all of the vehicle's powertrain; prevents abrasion, scratches, overheating and contamination, just to name a few.

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Improve your oil change

When it comes to engine oil,knowing the right type and how to change it is essential. The former prevents damage to your car's engine that could even void your warranty, while the latter can save you money spent on repair shops.

You can maintain your TFSI engine with the following oil standards:

  • Volkswagen 502 00
  • Volkswagen 503 00

LIQUI MOLY has a complete range of products designed to help you get the best performance out of your Audi.

Why choose LIQUI MOLY?

With experience dating back to 1847, LIQUI MOLY is simply the number one brand in engine oils and additives.

Our products are approved by Audi and several other companies that are references in the automotive industry.

Please feel free to visit our website for more information. We are sure that you will notice great improvements in your car after using LIQUI MOLY.

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